Wyre Forest Rangers have reassured residents following concerns over a newborn calf. 

Volunteer rangers at Burlish Meadows issued the update following the arrival of a “healthy” and “beautiful” new calf this month. 

In a post on Facebook, Wyre Forest Rangers said they had received a few messages of concern over the newborn calf but that the baby is continuing to do well.

Wyre Forest Rangers said: “We’ve had a few messages of concern over our newborn calf, so we thought we’d share an update with you all.

“The heifer’s usually hide their calf away for a few days in the undergrowth, so generally we don't find them. This little one’s mom will be off grazing somewhere, as she needs to produce milk for her calf.

“The calf will rest for a while until it's feeling strong enough to use its legs. It's exhausting being a newborn don’t you know.”

The rangers also said the their grazier had also visited the calf and the mum and is happy with both of them. 

They added: “You can see she is a very proud mother showing her baby off in the picture. 

“We appreciate every message and kind or concerned comment we get when it comes to the welfare of our cattle especially our new addition.”