A thrilling popular mystery novel series is set to go international as it goes Dutch for its latest instalment.

Worcestershire crime author Andy Griffee has taken his characters to Amsterdam with the publication of the fifth novel in the Johnson & Wilde series.

Named 'Tulip Murders', the story relocates from Kinver to the canals of Amsterdam, where a rare tulip unseen for nearly four centuries accompanies a series of corpses found around the city.


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Griffee's characters must uncover the connection between the tulip, the peculiarly arranged bodies, and discover the identity of the killer hiding in plain sight.

Griffee, who lives in Shelsley Kings in the Teme Valley, said: "I thought it would be fun to bring out Tulip Murders in the Spring, just as the tulips are actually coming out of the ground in the UK."

"But it’s the first book in the series which is set abroad so there is much more of an international thriller feel to the novel.”

Politics play a dominant role in the novel as the victims, who all have far-right anti-Islamic views, have their secrets revealed.

The book also caters to history enthusiasts, drawing from Dutch history and specifically referencing 17th-century artist Rembrandt and an infamous 'drowning cell'.

Tulip Murders is now available on Amazon in various formats.