A tandem bike team has raised thousands of pounds in memory of a rider's grandson. 

The riders, including Dazz Brown, Andy Foxhall, Gary Booth and Kev Wheeler, rode 360 miles from Land's End to Cookley to help raise vital funds to repair a BMX track in the village. 

The group set out on their challenge in memory of Mr Brown's grandson, Dom, who tragically took his own life in 2020. 

Mr Brown said the 16-year-old spent many hours practising his jumps and skills on the BMX track but it had fallen into disrepair over the years. 

Kidderminster Shuttle: The team being presented a cheque from Event Caddie The team being presented a cheque from Event Caddie (Image: Rachel Symons)

Mr Brown said: "The reason for trying to make a difference is twofold. It is firstly in memory of my grandson who took his own life in 2020 as he was always up at the BMX track. Secondly, we want to make sure that it is there for the future for everyone's children and grandchildren to use and enjoy. 

"The tandem challenge was our way of raising awareness and money to make this happen. The ride was a challenge at times but to see members of the village take the time to come out and welcome us back was amazing."

The team received a warm welcome from the community as they crossed the finish line at around 2pm on Tuesday (April 16) after setting off on April 12. 

The group have now managed to raise more than £10,000 towards their £30,000 target on the tandem which was supplied by Jim Lea. 

The team had support on the charity ride from Event Caddie in Kidderminster which donated £1 per mile per rider to give a total of £720. 

Kidderminster Shuttle: The team got a warm welcome from the community The team got a warm welcome from the community (Image: Rachel Symons)

Cooks Garden Centre in Stourport also paid for all the fuel for the campers that accompanied the charity ride with further support coming from Cookley Village Hall, The Eagle and Cookley Royal Order of Buffaloes. 

The money raised from the challenge and upcoming events will be used towards resurfacing the track and making it more accessible. 

Kidderminster Shuttle: Donation details Donation details (Image: Tandem Challenge)

Mr Brown added: "My family want to strengthen Dom's legacy by repairing the track. We want Cookley BMX track to instil passion, make cycling more accessible and promote a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle to others." 

Upcoming events to help raise the remaining funds include a 24-hour sponsored bike ride at The Bulls Head in Cookley on May 24 from 2.30pm.