A new play highlighting the beginnings of the struggle for public access to open moors is coming to Heightington.

On May 11 at 7.30pm, Townsend Theatre Productions will bring 'Behold Ye Ramblers' to Heightington Village Hall.

The play traces the origins of the drive for the public’s rights to enjoy open spaces and outdoor activities.

Central to this history is the Clarion movement, started in the 1890s, which promoted healthy community activities like cycling, choral singing and drama groups.

The movement also built Clarion Houses as rural community centres, providing city dwellers an escape from their daily grind.

Clarion Cycling Clubs and Choirs are still active today.

The storyline of the play involves the founding of The Clarion newspaper and the movement that it spurred.

The narrative features the newspapers founder, Robert Blatchford, known for his William Morris and Edward Carpenter-inspired journalism.

The influence Mr Blatchford wielded, even over high-society individuals like the Countess of Warwick, is depicted in the play, as is the activism of working-class followers like George HB Ward.

The Sheffield Clarion Ramblers' campaign for the public's access to Derbyshire's moors is also highlighted.

The £14 ticket price, or £12 with concessions, includes tea or coffee and biscuits at the interval but attendees can bring their own drinks.

Tickets can be booked by calling 01299 822987 or 07966 219813.