Residents have shared their stunning images of the Northern Lights captured across Kidderminster, Redditch and Bromsgrove. 

The Northern Lights, also known as an aurora borealis, lit up the sky yesterday evening (Friday, May 10) following an "extreme" geomagnetic storm. 

The clear skies meant the aurora was visible across most of the UK with many taking to social media to share their incredible photos. 

This includes Shuttle and Advertiser Camera Club member Robert Calvert who captured the view from Callow Hill and Kidderminster resident Chloe Lancett who witnessed the display from Comberton. 

Others also captured the stunning phenomenon from Bromsgrove and Batchley in Redditch.  

Kidderminster Shuttle: The view from just outside Bromsgrove The view from just outside Bromsgrove (Image: Robert Manton)

Camera Club member Aimée Louise Birch said: "How fortunate are we to have such a visible aurora and clear skies."

Resident Chloe Lancett added: "Beautiful sky tonight."

Aurora displays occur when charged particles collide with gases in the Earth's atmosphere around the magnetic poles.

The sight of the aurora is generally easier to see the further north you go and can depend on weather conditions, but it is visible from across the UK.

For those who missed the aurora, it is likely that the Northern Lights will be visible again tonight (Saturday, May 11) but on a reduced scale. 

Krista Hammond, the Met Office’s space weather manager, said: "Aurora visibility may persist through Saturday night, but as it stands this is likely to be less widespread than on Friday night with northern parts of the UK most likely to continue to have the best viewing potential."