A 34-year-old driver was caught out by an automatic speed camera on the motorway near Worcester which left her with a hefty fine and penalty points.

Kerry Brennan was clocked speeding in her Vauxhall on the M5 southbound at junction 8 (Strensham Services) when she exceeded a temporary 60mph speed limit.

Brennan of Carter Close, Brockworth, was caught by the automatic camera device on November 3 last year in contravention of a temporary maximum speed restriction.

The matter was proved via the single justice procedure at Worcester Magistrates Court on May 16.

Magistrates fined her £220, ordered her to pay a victim surcharge of £88 and costs of £90, a total of £398.

A collection order was also made by the bench, giving the court additional powers to recover any money outstanding. 

Her driving record was also endorsed with three penalty points.