An activist from Kidderminster was arrested last week after destroying a banner at the entrance of a dog breeding site. 

Louise Ryan, aged 52, was charged with criminal damage and released on bail after using red paint and cutters to destroy a large banner at the entrance to MBR Acres near Huntingdon. 

Activists said the site breeds beagles for supply to research laboratories. 

Ms Ryan's action took place on Friday (May 24) just hours before several hundred activists gathered to protest outside the facility. 

She said: "MBR Acres breeds and supplies beagle puppies for use in often very painful experiments and undercover footage has exposed the poor conditions they are kept in and their ill-treatment.

"On Thursday, they erected a large banner at the entrance claiming the beagles there were 'thriving' with a clear intention of distressing the protesters who were due to gather there two days later. 

"It was clearly a provocation and I'm very pleased I felt provoked enough to destroy the banner."

Ms Ryan is also facing charges for causing damage at the entrance of the Labcorp (Huntingdon) animal research laboratory in February.

Last September, she was placed on a curfew by Kidderminster Magistrates' Court for daubing slogans and handcuffing herself to the gates at Sequani in Ledbury. 

She said: "Animal experimentation is not only morally wrong, it is also regarded as scientifically invalid by an increasing number of doctors and scientists and is an example of human supremacism. The arrogant and irrational belief that humans are somehow more important than other sentient animals." 

MBR Acres, who are owned by US corporation Marshall BioResources, operates at an eight-acre site on Sawtry Way.

On the MBR website, it states: "MBR Acres doesn’t carry out animal research, although it is licensed to undertake specific procedures like taking blood to make in vitro tests." 

It has also set out to dispel myths about the work done on the site and signpost people to 

MBR has also stated that there are site inspection reports available on the government website. 

Marshall BioResources were contacted for a comment. 

The Marshall BioResources website states: "We greatly respect and appreciate the role our animals continue to play in the development of life-saving discoveries, medicines and treatments for humans and animals alike.

"Therefore, we believe our animals deserve the best possible treatment and care we can provide".

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: "Louise Ryan, aged 52, of Sculthorpe Road, Kidderminster, was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage at the MBR Acres site at just after 9pm on Friday, May 24.

"She has now been charged with the offence and released on bail until her first hearing scheduled to take place at Peterborough Magistrates' Court on June 28."