Nearly three-quarters of Worcestershire residents think that police understand issues in their community, according to the PCC.

The results of West Mercia police and crime commissioner John Campion’s quarterly perceptions survey show that 74 per cent of residents believe police have a good grasp of their community's issues.

The PCC has claimed that confidence in police remains at 82 per cent in Worcestershire, but falls short of its aspirational target of 88 per cent.

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Residents' satisfaction reveals a slight fluctuation across the region.

In North Worcestershire, the approval rate is at 65 per cent, the highest in West Mercia.

However, it drops to 61 per cent in the south, which is the lowest across the county.

In northern parts of the county, 66 per cent believe the police to be doing an excellent or good job, a figure which again falls to 61 per cent in the south.

PCC Campion said: "The latest data shows there is some disconnect between the service received in North and the South of Worcestershire.

"Whilst I understand different areas will face different challenges, it’s important the system is working effectively to ensure all communities receive the high-quality service they expect and deserve.

"As the public’s voice in policing, I remain committed to supporting and challenging the Chief Constable as well as providing the funding needed to deliver long-lasting change across West Mercia."

Head of local policing, Chief Superintendent Edd Williams, said: "Public confidence in policing is vitally important and we are pleased that across the three counties we cover confidence levels remain high.

"We look forward to continuing to work with local communities to increase confidence and satisfaction levels as well as keeping people informed and sharing the good work on-going in their area."