A COMMUNITY-spirited curry house delivered food to emergency services and those evacuated from their homes after a severe fire.

Moshahid Hussain, manager of Café Masala in Kidderminster, said he was "in tears" after seeing the blaze on Eddy Road, the street where he used to live.

He decided to spring into action and help those at the scene by providing boxes full of food.

His brother Mokbul Hussain, who is the chef at the restaurant, cooked up packages of chicken pakoras, onion bhajis, tikka masala sauce, nan bread and chips.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Moshahid Hussain and his brother MokbulMoshahid Hussain and his brother Mokbul (Image: Moshahid Hussain)

Moshahid said: "We provided food to the families and also to the emergency services.

"I was in tears looking at the house. Our family house is still on Eddy Road".

Meanwhile, the Bluebell and Post House pubs offered safe spaces and support for those who were evacuated on the night.

Café Masala previously sent food out to firefighters on Park Street following a large industrial fire back in September 2021.