POLICE are investigating after several car windows were smashed over the weekend. 

There have been reports of multiple cars being damaged parked on car parks of Bromsgrove Street in Kidderminster town centre. 

The spate of window smashing happened sometime between 9pm on Saturday, June 8 and 5.30am on Sunday, June 9.

One person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has said his work car was broken into on the weekend.

The car was parked in the Kidderminster Youth and District car park off Bromsgrove Street.

Several cars were targeted Several cars were targeted (Image: Handout)

He said: "It was the car that I use for work.

"It was Sunday morning. I was going with my daughter and my wife to pick up a friend of hers. On our way there I saw the car park and I thought 'is that a broken window?"

"There was only some change taken - some coins".

He said there was an emergency pump, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, and work-related items in the car which were left touched.

He said: "I think they were just looking for cash. Anything that they could just grab and go".

He later said he saw some cars had been broken into in the Bromsgrove Street car park.

He added: "I started counting them and there were seven. The police said there were eleven to twelve".

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "We have received a report of multiple cars being damaged on Bromsgrove Street car park on Bromsgrove Street in Kidderminster between 9pm on Saturday 8 June to 5.30am on Sunday 9 June.

"Enquiries are ongoing".