POLICE have been out in Stourport carrying out a community speed enforcement operation following concerns raised by residents.

Officers were in Lickhill Road and Discovery Road on Monday June 17 to help ensure motorists stick to the speed limit and the operation proved a success.

PC Sam Maher, of Stourport Safer Neighbourhood Team, said in a neighbourhood alert: “Out of all of the cars, only two required words of advice.

“We recognise that excessive and inappropriate speeds of vehicles on our roads can affect the quality of life for many communities.

“There are currently many community speed watch groups set up across all three counties whereby speed can be monitored, and the data is collected and used to determine the cause of the problem and what action can be taken.

“Volunteers conduct speed checks in groups in an area where there is a concern about speeding vehicles. There has been a large amount of feedback to suggest that motorists visibly slow down they see the volunteers by the roadside carrying out speed monitoring.”

Pc Maher said anyone wanting to be part of a community speed watch initiative in their area can get in touch with officers by at stourport.snt@westmercia.police.uk