A primary school in Stourport is set to take part in a huge challenge to raise money for a school minibus. 

Five teachers from Lickhill Primary School will take on 24 hours of exercise to help raise £10,000 to provide a form of transport for its pupils. 

The school said it had been finding it increasingly difficult to afford transport for the children to participate in local sports events, so it wanted to help make a difference and ensure cost is not a barrier for pupils to access future sports events. 

Principal Jane Lloyd said: "Having our own minibus at Lickhill will be life-changing to the whole school enabling all the children to explore opportunities outside of the school environment."

There will also be a dog meet There will also be a dog meet (Image: Lickhill Primary School)

The minibus will also support the children's learning in a variety of subjects and allow them to participate in activities at the school holiday clubs. 

Throughout the 24 hours, the five teachers will be involved in many different activities including fitness exercises, sports matches and a whole school dance fitness session. 

The children will also be taking part in activities throughout the school day to help raise money and cheer on the teachers. 

Head of PE Luke Mundie said: "With the cost of transport rising, it is extremely limiting the sporting events that our children can attend.

"PE is at the heart of our curriculum at Lickhill and unfortunately without our own mode of transport, it is the children that will miss out on memorable experiences.

"It would be such a shame if these opportunities were limited due to the cost of transport."

They are trying to raise £10,000 for the minibus They are trying to raise £10,000 for the minibus (Image: Lickhill Primary School)

Sports coach and Challenge 24 participant Georgia Lambert added: "I am very excited to be a part of the Challenge 24 team.

"Although I am a little nervous about the prospect of exercising and taking part in sports for 24 hours, it is such a worthy cause that will be extremely appreciative of the support."

The school is also arranging community events for everyone in the local area to enjoy. 

This includes a family sports evening at the school from 5pm until 7.30pm on July 12 where the community can come and try rounders, five-a-side football and a tug of war. 

There will also be adult fixtures, children's games and adults vs children. 

Tickets can be purchased on the day or from the school office. 

The school is also arranging a free event called Bark in the Park on July 12 where they want to see as many dogs and their families as possible. 

The meeting point is at the school at 6.45pm where there will be ice cream and ice lollies available to purchase before the dog meet. 

There are business sponsorship options available and donations can be made by visiting https://gofund.me/ec7eb0cc