There were only 4 large floats. The people that had organised these had done stirling work & it was easy to see that mountains of effort had gone into them.

But why so few of these large floats?

I am old enough to remember the parade from many years ago and we had to stand for an hour for all the floats to go past. Now the organisations that used to take part just cannot be bothered.

There must be other people ,who with a little effort, could raise their profile within the town.

What about the Harriers? They are always moaning about lack of support so could they not put something back into the community they serve with a float? I am aware that there are not a lot of spare hands at a local club but there are other people they could call on to help. How about the loyal supporters(of which the Harriers have many) or the supporters trust. They could have members of the junior supporters club on the float together with some first team players. They could also use this as a platform to sell season tickets, they certainly need to sell more.

A bit of imagination would bring in more floats.

Come on town, lets help out.

One other observation. Why on earth did the council allow the street traders to be on the sharp corners of the route? The big trailers had a very difficult job getting round at the flower stall & at Woolworths. I am all for the street market--I think it's great. But could not the stalls on the corners be moved down the road a bit just for one day?

Anyway enough of moaning. Well done to all the organisers & the large crowds. It made it a good day!