A ROAD safety campaigner claims there is a “kamikaze traffic lights junction” at a major traffic island in Kidderminster.

Nigel Knowles, Labour Worcestershire county councillor, said he had received several complaints about the directions given on traffic lights at the Crossley Retail Park junction and there had been four or five near misses to date.

He explained the problem was caused by drivers becoming confused when they came down the ring road from the Bewdley Road traffic island to the Crossley Retail Park traffic lights.

He claimed that if a driver wanted to go straight across to the Bull Ring Post Office, the directions indicated that they should turn right into the path of traffic coming from the opposite direction.

Mr Knowles said: “I quite agree with the confusing information there is to drivers, particularly for anyone new to this area.

“I have brought this kamikaze traffic lights junction to the attention of the highways department at County Hall to ask them to alter it to give clearer instructions to drivers.” A Worcestershire County Council spokesman said: "We were contacted by councillor Knowles regarding the junction and have looked thoroughly into the issue.

"We have checked our accident records and they showed that over the last three years there have been no injury accidents involving vehicles carrying out this particular manoeuvre at the junction.

“We have also consulted with West Mercia police, who didn't believe there were any problems that needed addressing.

"After looking into the issue, we believe that the work carried out in recent years has improved the junction but would stress we continually monitor all of the county's roads to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

“We would also like to encourage residents with any issues regarding highway safety to contact us with their comments."