WEST Midlands MEP, Mike Nattrass, has called on the EU to slap a complete ban on the use of primates and any other animals in experiments.

The UKIP MEP attacked EU moves to “water down rules on animal experiments which cause severe prolonged suffering”.

Mr Nattrass said he believed the European Parliament should be ethical and vote against the revision of EU rules, so protecting animal rights.

He said: "I am totally against the use of primates or any other animals in experiments and will be voting against the revision of Directive 86/609 unless this includes a total ban on the use of primates in experiments.

"I have been involved in animal protection for many years and was first to sign the anti-bullfighting Bill in the European Parliament.

“I also signed against the cruel bear bile farming and against long distance transport of animals for slaughter.”

He added: “If experiments must continue, then let us see the justification. If those who do these things to living creatures are made aware of the powerful feelings to defend these lives then perhaps they will be less gung ho and show more respect.

“Rejection will show those who experiment on apes and other intelligent beings that there are many people who feel that each individual case must be justified at the very least.”

The European Parliament will vote on the proposal in May.