THE No2EU-YestoDemocracy Euro Election campaign, launched by the Rail, Maritime and Transport workers union (RMT) last month, has announced its candidates for the European Elections on June 4.

"In the West Midlands, where six seats are being contested, we are delighted the list will be led by former Labour MP and socialist councilor Dave Nellist", said regional Press Officer for the campaign Pete McLaren.

"Change is needed in the West Midlands. The EU is a costly, corrupt, straightjacket on our region and country. We can’t stand up for our interests without breaking EU laws. We have carefully selected strong candidates to make a real difference and not join in with the self-serving EU gravy train," said Brian Denny, Nominating Officer of No2EU.

"Our six candidates have been chosen to reflect the real interests of the region."

Dave Nellist, who will be top of the election list, said: “"Only about a third of people vote in the Euro elections. For many, the choice seems limited to either the big three pro-EU establishment parties, who increasingly sound the same, or parties of the far right, whose main aim seems to be to set us one against each other.

"Sterile pro-EU agreement or the politics of hate won't save jobs and public services.

"That's why this trade union based list - No2EU - is different and so necessary."

He added: "We want the billions wasted on EU membership spent on saving jobs - not in the way the Government gave billions to the bankers but invested with public control and accountability.

"We want an end to EU rules which make it easy for jobs and factories to be exported to find the cheapest labour and to EU Court rulings which seek to break our national trade union agreements.

"We demand an end to plans to privatise the Post Office, which EU directives call for and New Labour plans to carry out this summer.

"Finally, none of our candidates is in this to get on the Euro gravy train. If any of us are elected, you'll see an entirely different type of MEP to any of the other parties.”

The full list of the No2EU-YestoDemocracy candidates for the West Midlands is:

  • Dave Nellist, Leader of the Socialist Group on Coventry City Council. Coventry.
  • Joanne Stevenson, like many other young people in the region now seeking real change. Birmingham.
  • Dyal Singh Bagri, President, Indian Workers Association, Wolverhampton.
  • Malcolm Gribbin, a retired teacher fighting the EU’s attacks on agriculture and public services. Shropshire.
  • Paul Malyan, communications worker, campaigning against the privatisation of Royal Mail. Stoke.
  • Pete McLaren, local socialist/green socialist activist and Press Officer for West Midlands No2EU. Warwickshire.