A SURVEYOR accused of threatening the warden of a Bewdley caravan site with a blowtorch has been bound over to keep the peace.

Robert Baker went to Little Lakes Holiday Park, Lye Head, to feed a stray cat at the chalet he owned, Worcester Crown Court heard.

But the site was closed on January 2 this year and he was ordered to go away by warden Peter Griffiths.

The prosecution alleged that Baker made threats while holding the gas blowtorch and a hammer.

But defence counsel Antonie Muller explained that 25-year-old Baker was suffering from mental illness at the time and had not been prescribed the correct medication.

Judge Robert Juckes QC bound Baker, of Larches Road, Kidderminster, over for two years in the sum of £500 on the day he was due to face trial by jury.

He said it was "perfectly clear there was a breach of the peace causing fear" but ruled that Baker's health had diminished his responsibility.

The judge said a blowtorch was a very frightening weapon, although no-one was hurt and no damage done.

He ordered a charge of affray to lie on the prosecution file.

Mr Muller said Baker went on sick leave from his job with Cambridgeshire County Council in mid-2008.

He was diagnosed as suffering from depression and having "paranoid thoughts".

At the time of the incident, he was only being treated for the depression but was now on the correct medication for paranoia and feeling much better.

Mr Muller said he had the blowtorch and hammer legitimately for work on his chalet.

Baker had no previous convictions and hoped to return to his job when he was fully fit. At present, he lived with his grandparents.

Prosecutor Kerry Moreton said the Crown had spoken to the witnesses before a decision was made not to hold a trial. They were unaware of Baker's mental illness.

She said the caravan park had taken extra security steps since the incident, which included the vetting of new tenants and obtaining a guard dog.