TWO Stourport workers showed their ingenuity by crossing the River Severn in a rubber dinghy to avoid delays caused by major roadworks and get to work on time.

Ian Lawrence and Mark Robson, part of the siting crew for Worcestershire Caravan Sales, wanted to avoid the traffic congestion at peak times resulting from the works in Gilgal.

Mr Robson, a keen rower, decided that it was far easier to cross the river by dinghy than to sit in his car for an hour following the diversion via Kidderminster.

He explained: "This way a fifty five minute journey takes just five minutes. We are lucky in the fact that Worcestershire Caravan Sales and Stourport Caravan Park which belongs to Worcestershire Caravan Sales are directly opposite each other over the river.”

Mr Lawrence added: "The river can be unpredictable and we obviously make sure we wear life jackets.”

Ray Price, a maintenance engineer at the company, said: “It is a pretty ingenious way to get to work. It shows how much they want to come in and get here on time.”