AN ACTION group fighting plans for an incinerator in Hartlebury is gearing up for a public meeting on Thursday.

Group leader Mark Richards hopes residents will flock to the village hall to raise their fears and draw up a plan of action to fight the proposals.

Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff will be attending the meeting and has vowed to discuss people’s concerns with Dan Norris, Labour minister responsible for waste management.

Friends of the Earth will also be at Thursday’s meeting, which is being organised by Hartlebury Parish Council.

A website,, has received more than 11,000 hits since it was set up by the group before Christmas.

Group member Christopher Selby said: “Hopefully a lot of people will turn up to the meeting and support us.

“Not enough people know what is going on with the incinerator and we want to get people on our side.”

Recent action group sessions have attracted more than 30 residents and members hope more will take the opportunity to speak to Mr Luff.

The group’s website features a petition against the plans, a forum for residents to air their views and a list of councillors to lobby.

Leaflets have also been delivered to homes in the village, outlining the group’s 10 main objections to the incinerator, which would be built on Hartlebury Trading Estate.

Protesters fear the site would be a blot on the landscape, reduce house values in the area and create more traffic.

Mr Richards added: “I’ve only lived here for four months. The attraction for me was the beautiful location so I don’t want a dirty great incinerator on my doorstep.”

The plant will generate up to 15.5 megawatts of renewable energy – enough to supply about 20,000 homes.

Mercia Waste has promised to consider all residents’ views when putting the final plans together.

The planning application for the site will be accompanied by a full Environmental Impact Assessment, which will consider issues such as visual impact, noise and air quality.

The meeting takes place at 7pm at the village hall in Waresley Court Road, Hartlebury.