A KIDDERMINSTER former general manager has been awarded a total of £40,000 after complaining he was not told why he was losing his job.

Lawrence McLoughlin, of Appletrees Close, Kidderminster had been employed by Colton Electrical Co Ltd, of Oldbury for 20 years, Birmingham Employment Tribunal was told.

He made claims against the firm for redundancy pay, unfair dismissal and payment in leiu of notice.

Mr McLoughlin’s claim for costs against the firm was rejected by tribunal judge, Karen Hindmarch.

The firm, which deals with electrical equipment, did not attend the hearing.

Mr McLoughlin said he was shocked to be told he was being made redundant because of a downturn in business.

But he added the firm’s turnover had not changed much during recent years and the firm had recently spent £100,000, alone, on the interior of a new premises near the present site.

He said he had previously returned to work after suffering from heart failure.

Mr McLoughlin complained the firm never told him why he had been chosen for redundancy and failed to provide selection criteris scores.

He said he was not invited to a meeting to discuss his situation and his proposal about a job sharing scheme was not considered.

Mr McLoughlin said he was taking a City and Guilds course at Kidderminster College in computers to enable him to try and find another job.

Mrs Hindmarch said Mr McLoughlin’s claims were well founded and awarded him a total of £40,216 - including £10,206 redundancy pay.

Mrs Hindmarch said the tribunal had been delayed to enable the firm to attend but that despite three phone calls, it had not responded.