AN energy-conscious Abberley boarding school is to use the latest solar thermal technology to heat its indoor swimming pool in a move aimed at saving more than £10,000 a year.

Abberley Hall School has appointed Neen Sollars-based company Going Solar to undertake the installation, which will involve fitting a total of 48 slimline, flat plate solar thermal panels on to a 120m² area of the pool’s roof.

The project, which is in line to receive a 50 per cent government grant, will also provide hot water for 24 showers and some peripheral heating of an adjacent changing room.

According to Going Solar, this switch to solar power means the school should reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 26,000 Kg and achieve a total energy saving of 123,000 kWh.

In addition, the company says the school is likely to recoup the initial installation costs within 27 months.

John Walker, headmaster of the independent co-ed school, said: “Using solar thermal technology is not only an important opportunity to save money on energy bills, but also an excellent way to show the school’s determination to reduce its carbon footprint.”

The Going Solar solution comprises a series of solar collectors, which will be placed on the pool’s south-facing roof. The heat energy absorbed by the panels is then transferred directly into the pool.

As part of the project, Going Solar will also install a liquid pool cover to reduce evaporation and energy loss.

Charles Houston, Going Solar partner, said: “There is plenty of solar energy in this country to make a difference and the latest solar thermal technology is both well-developed and highly-efficient.

“It offers clean, safe and, once paid back, free energy over a period of many years instead of dirty, harmful and soon-to-be very expensive fossil fuels.”

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