A PENSIONER who had to fork out £150 when her car was clamped in Stourport has welcomed the Government’s clampdown on wheel clamping.

Carol Crowther said she was “pleased” that wheel clamping on private land and towing away would be outlawed, after she fell victim to clampers while parked on land off Lickhill Road.

The ban, which was announced yesterday, could be put in place by early next year.

Mrs Crowther said: “I think it’s a brilliant idea because clampers seem to be able to make the prices up themselves.”

The 64-year-old, of Areley Common, explained she had no idea that the land she was parked on was private as the sign was not visible.

She had left her car there, on July 30, for a few minutes while she popped to the bank but was “gobsmacked” to find her car was clamped when she returned.

She told The Shuttle that the “tiny” sign was attached to a wall which was covered by a bush and added she would not have parked there if she had seen it.

“I’m still angry about it,” she said, “I think it’s disgusting to do that kind of thing.

“I was fined £150 from 11.06am to 11.18am. I had to pay on my credit card, which I couldn’t really afford. I had to move the car within half an hour or it would have been towed away.

“I think it’s disgusting that someone can charge £150 for a few minutes there. I know people who have been clamped in London for £120 but £150 in Stourport is disgusting. I would never park somewhere where I saw a clamping sign.”

She added that the clamping ticket had the business name, A1 Parking Services, on it and has urged the company to put up a bigger notice.

“The sign was so small that I could not read it,” she said, “It’s just ridiculous, totally ridiculous. When I got back to my car, I thought ‘he can’t be clamping my car’. I couldn’t believe it. I really did feel sick because I can’t afford it. I’m disgusted.

“I’m just pleased that clamping is going to be stopped,” she added.

Despite a number of calls and messages left by The Shuttle to A1 Parking Services, no-one was available to comment.