A WOMAN found dead at a Stourport nature reserve on Christmas Day took an overdose of anti-depresants, an inquest heard.

Yvonne Turner, of Walshes Farm Caravan Park, was last seen by her husband Brian when she left the house on December 22 last year, the inquest at Stourport heard today.

Mr Turner wept in court as he recalled the last words he spoke to his 59-year-old wife before her body was found at the Redstone Nature Reserve three days later.

He told the inquest that Mrs Turner, a retired teacher, had suffered with her nerves for many years but did not mean to take her own life and just went “that little step too far”.

They had both been Christmas shopping the day before she disappeared and Mr Turner said a few days before that she had become agitated, “as though she didn’t really know what she was doing”.

Describing the last time he saw his wife, Mr Turner said: “She got up on the Wednesday morning and got dressed. I asked her the time by the clock in the living room. She went in, came back and said 9.45am. She was sat on the side of the bed and then, about 10 minutes later, I saw her pass the bedroom window. That was the last time I saw her.”

Mr Turner went into the town centre looking for his wife and even visited the Co-op, where she did her shopping, three times, but could not find her, the inquest heard.

He explained how she had become “agitated” and “quiet” when she was taken off her old anti-depressants and prescribed new ones - three weeks before she went missing.

He said she had never spoken to him about taking her own life but had scraped her wrist with a knife on a couple of occasions.

“I don’t think she meant to take all of those tablets,” Mr Turner added, “[She] was so confused she probably took more than she realised.”

Worcestershire coroner Geraint Williams, said Mrs Turner died of an overdose of Mirtazapine and recorded an open verdict into her death.