BEWDLEY folk can enjoy a tour of renewable energy installations at homes in the town and learn how to save money and the planet.

People who book for the Transition Bewdley tour will also be able to see the technologies in action.

They can also have a question and answer session with homeowners about the practical benefits and financial rewards.

There will be an open forum at the Bewdley Development Trust (BDT) meeting room, with expert installers of renewable technologies giving information and answering questions.

Key renewable technologies on show will include solar thermal water hearting, solar photovoltaic panels and ground source heat pumps.

Matthew Rhymer, a member of the Transition Bewdley Energy Group, said: “Transition Bewdley, one of seven transition groups in Worcestershire and one of many thousand such groups throughout the world, aims to help the community to prepare for the effects of the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help communities to adapt to future changes in climate.”

The tours, on May 7 and 8 will be held in the morning from 10am until 1pm and in the afternoon from 2pm until 5pm.

Peter Miller, the group’s convenor, added: “Awareness-raising events such as this energy trail, which provide practical solutions to these problems, are a fantastic opportunity for people to see just how easy it is to install their own renewable technologies.”

People can book their place on the tour by contacting BDT on 01299 405516 or by emailing