A STOURPORT mother whose body was found on a sports field left a note saying “leave me to die” after taking an overdose of party drug mephedrone and prescription medication.

Bronnie Clewlow died of hypothermia on the Stourport Sports Centre field after the combination of the drugs made her sleepy in bitterly cold temperatures of minus-three degrees, an inquest into her death heard.

The voluntary worker, who suffered with bipolar disorder, was found on Monday, February 28, with the note, written on her boyfriend Michael Shimmin’s paying-in book, in her bag.

Miss Clewlow, who had taken an overdose before, in January, stormed out of their North Road home two days before she was found after telling Mr Shimmin she was “going to go and do a proper job this time” following a row.

The argument had spilled over from the night before after Miss Clewlow turned up late from the pub when they were supposed to go shopping.

Mr Shimmin said he did not think she would kill herself as she had made similar threats at least 10 times before.

“The times she has said she’s gonna do it she’s always gone down her friend’s house, had a drink and come back,” Mr Shimmin told the Stourport court yesterday.

He added he had gone out in Kidderminster after the row and when he returned in the early hours of Sunday, February, 27, there was still no sign of Miss Clewlow.

The court heard he had no way of contacting her as she had left her broken phone at home.

“I started getting concerned,” Mr Shimmin said, “I started ringing [friends] and then, eventually, the police station.”

He added he did not know she was taking mephedrone or if she had taken similar drugs before.

“She was a lovely girl,” Mr Shimmin said, “She was a good mum. She liked to have a drink on the weekends and she had a brilliant personality.”

Miss Clewlow, who was on medication for her bipolar disorder, would have “good and bad days” and never let anyone know her problems, the court heard.

She received psychiatric care for about two weeks following her overdose in January, when she was admitted to a ward for mentally ill adults at Kidderminster Hospital.

Her mother told the court that she seemed “very unhappy”, “flat” and “non-responsive” when she had seen her at Christmas but she would not talk about it.

She added: “I think, at times, she just got to stages where she couldn’t cope and that seemed to be what she did - take an overdose.”

Worcestershire Coroner Geraint Williams recorded an open verdict into Miss Clewlow’s death.

He said: “Miss Clewlow, having taken an overdose of a combination of drugs, was rendered unconscious and died.”