FOODIES at a Stourport school have been busy sampling different types of fresh produce as part of their studies.

As part of their healthy food topic - munching and crunching - the year three Burlish Park Primary School pupils were treated to a guided tour of the school's allotment by young members of the Slugs Allotment Club - run and organised by eco schools co-ordinator Lynda Williams and year thee teacher Mary Collacott .

Fresh produce such as curly kale, beetroot, courgettes, pumpkin, carrrots and and potatoes were picked and cooked for the children to sample.

Mrs Williams said: "The munching and crunching topic is an excellent way to introduce children to the concept of picking and sampling home grown produce which has a totally different taste to vegetables purchased in the shops.

“It also presents an excellent opportunity for the children who attend allotment club to showcase their talents and knowledge of growing vegetables. A great time was had and everyone enjoyed the food tasting afternoon.”