ACCESS to the new Wyre Forest Crematorium and Cemetery would be “much improved” by placing a roundabout at a busy nearby junction according to Stourport town councillors.

Currently, people driving to the Minster Road site from Stourport must turn right across the A451 dual carriageway after going through traffic lights at the junction of Walter Nash Road and Oldington Lane, where the suggested roundabout would be.

The council passed the motion, put forward by Labour councillor Jamie Shaw, unanimously at a meeting last night.

Mr Shaw said: “This is partly for the sake of safety but also for the dignity of the thing. If there is quite a long funeral cortege, for example, there will be people stopping in the road to make the right turn. It is convoluted and dangerous.”

The turn would lead drivers into a slip road next to Lawrence Skip Hire, back on to Oldington Lane, and through the lights again to reach the cemetery’s entrance on the left.

“If we were simply turning around a roundabout, that would make things much simpler and safer,” said Mr Shaw.

The town council made the request to Worcestershire County Council, which deals with highway issues, to plan for the scheme to come forward for consideration in its 2013/14 budget.

Mr Shaw said: “We have been told the cost of a roundabout could be up to £1 million.

“As we would have to wait for next year’s budget [Independent Community and Health Concern councillor] Jim Parish suggested we would also accept an alternative if one could be thought up.

“We are hoping to get a response fairly soon and we will, hopefully, have a timetable for the scheme shortly.”

The new Wyre Forest Crematorium and Cemetery held its first funeral and cremation in December and is planning an official opening for February.