When it comes to gaming there are certain things you need to enjoy the experience, First of all a nice size TV (goes without saying) and of course a good sound system, now if you want to take that extra step (spouses and partners permitting) then you need a gaming chair.

Why do I need a chair to play games? I hear you ask, ok, I know most of us just use the furniture that is nearest the console, and why would anybody want to spend money on a chair for playing games? Frankly I agree, it has never been one of my priorities in life that’s for sure.

The main thing we all have to consider apart from the price is whether our respective partners/spouses are going to be into the idea (this is the hard sell), we all know that further down the line it will rear its head during a future discussion and you are going to have to justify the expense.

If you are single then that`s fair enough you can fill your house with all kinds of gadgets, and not have to suffer with evil looks and muttering under the breath (in my case anyway).

The other downside being the sight of a gaming chair in the living room can be a bit of a downer when it comes to the opposite sex,it of course can be interpreted as a bit geeky/blokey and to the uninitiated even a bit sad.

As we are all aware no partner wants a rival for your affections, you’re probably already spending too much time on your console (in their eyes) as it is, so persuading someone you love that an addition to the very thing they already see as a threat, is going to be a slight problem, so choosing wisely can make or break any future romantic intentions.

Right now the ground work is done and you have managed to talk your partner round to the idea ,in theory the time has come to hit them with a choice that is not going to see them head for the door. So I have come up with three chairs all different price tags and specs which should cover anybody’s budget, and hopefully should please our other halves.(or future other halves) First off the blocks is the XROCKER GAMEBAG a small entry level gaming chair with built in speakers ,this connects to all types of consoles through a battery powered connector and the sound is not too bad perhaps a little tinny for my liking but for the price £29.95 (as of 28/12/2011), you can`t expect serious quality.

The thing I do like about this chair is the portability; it has a handle and can be moved out of the way when you have finished with it.

I personally found this chair a little too small for me and it would of course be ideal for a child or small adult, it is comfortable but I tended to slide about in it which was a bit off putting ,as for the battery pack, I think it would have been better to have a power adaptor instead, as a set of batteries once a week could turn out expensive, unless you buy rechargeable ones of course, the cover is removable but I couldn`t see any way to remove the speakers so washing it could be a problem .

All in all for the price a tough and well-made bean bag chair • High-quality Surround Sound Speakers • Supportive, Contoured Bucket-Style Seat • Comfortable Microfiber Bean Bag • iPod/MP3 Docking Station/Convenient Storage Pocket • RCA Audio Inputs • iPod/MP3/iPad/PSP Audio Input jack • Works with all iPod's, MP3 players, Playstation, X-Box, GameCube, PSP and Nintendo gaming machines. • Works with DVD, Computer (PC and Mac), TV and stereo systems. • The unit connects through the audio out connection (or headset connection) on your TV so is compatible with HDMI and Scart.

• Colour: black body with blue detailing • Size: (H) 55cm X (W) 76cm X (D) 84cm • Weight 4.65Kg • Ages 6 plus • Price £29.95 (28/12/2011) • Supplied by www.boysstuff.co.uk Next on my list is one I have reviewed before, The I-EX GAMING CHAIR at £74.99 (28/12/2011) is a great bargain and it doesn`t look out of place in the living room either, this is a very comfortable gaming chair, with a high back and deep bucket seat, and is very well made and tough, ok it doesn`t have speakers fitted like the XROCKER and is nearly twice the price, but with this chair you do get a bigger seat and much better support , there is a smaller version The I-EX ROOKIE designed for kids aged 6-12.

The I-EX GAMING CHAIR is one of the biggest bean bag gaming chairs on the market.

To be honest I was pleasantly surprised by the IEX GAMING CHAIR, compared to other chairs I have tried in the past. It is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and built to last, and doesn`t look out of place in any living room, so you can persuade the wife/girlfriend/partner that it’s a good idea and you can have one, seeing as there are no speakers inside you don`t have the problem with wires sticking out everywhere, if you do need to have surround sound in your seat then go elsewhere.

The IEX GAMING CHAIR is all about tough reliability and comfort and for this kind of money it`s one of the best around. A choice of different colours would have been nice.

This is one of my favourite no nonsense gaming chairs this year.

• Dimensions Adult 30cm X 85 cm X 95 cm • Dimensions Rookie 26cm X 75cm X 83cm • Weight 6.0 kg • Price Adult £74.99 (28/12/2011) • Price Rookie £52.50 (28/12/2011) • Supplied by www.thebazaargroup.com