NEARLY 70 per cent of drivers who travel along two busy Kidderminster roads exceed the 30mph limit, it has been revealed, leaving residents concerned for safety.

Two new mobile speed cameras have now been launched on the A449 Chester Road South and Wolverhampton Road to try and stop the speeding drivers in their tracks.

Sixty six per cent of drivers exceed the 30mph limit on Chester Road South and 15 per cent travel above 38.7mph, according to data collected by the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia.

In Wolverhampton Road, 69 per cent of vehicles drive faster than 30mph, while 15 per cent travel above 39.5mph.

The cameras were launched yesterday as part of the partnership’s Community Concern speed enforcement programme and are expected to remain on the roads for about six months.

Action was taken after worried residents raised the speeding issue at local Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings and through the local policing team.

Katy Jenkins of the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia said: “It is clear that local people are worried about speeds on both Chester Road South and Wolverhampton Road and they have raised these concerns with the local policing team at PACT meetings.

“In response to these concerns, we are now launching two mobile enforcement sites on the A449 to reduce the number of drivers exceeding the speed limit.”

Further data about driver speeds will be collected at both sites to assess the impact of enforcement. It is hoped the cameras will make drivers stick to the speed limit.

Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council's customer and community manager, said: "Speed limits exist for a reason, to keep all road-users and pedestrians safe. Anyone travelling at speeds over the designated limits is putting themselves and others in danger, as well as breaking the law. We'd urge everyone to keep safe and drive safely."

Mike Digger, traffic management adviser at West Mercia Police, added they would ensure “drivers comply with the speed limits that are in place to improve the safety of the roads”.