VOLUNTEERS are being asked to survey woodlands near Great Witley.

The Small Woods Association, in partnership with local woodland managers, is looking for volunteers to help with an annual wild flower count and monitor threatened woodland flowers.

Woodland flowering species have declined in recent years, with an estimated one in six threatened with extinction.

Jenna Higgins, the association’s co-ordinator for Worcestershire and Herefordshire, said: “The surveys are sociable events, working really well with five to seven people.

“It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the scenery in woodlands doing something that’s useful.

"We are particularly looking for people local to Great Witley who would like to take part to help with a woodland nearby.”

Free training courses will take place in May in different woodlands.

For more information contact Jenna Higgins at JennaHiggins@smallwoods.org.uk or telephone 07921 256466.