A MEMBER of Wyre Forest District Council has switched from the Liberal Party to the Conservatives but is remaining tight-lipped about why.

Offmore and Comberton ward councillor Rose Bishop’s switch means the Tories now have 21 of the council’s 42 seats, one short of the overall majority the party had going into this month’s elections.

The Liberal Party, whose Wyre Forest Leader Fran Oborski successfully defended a seat in Offmore and Comberton on May 3, now has three seats on the council.

Mrs Bishop said: “My reasons for becoming a member of the Conservative Party are personal.

“Nothing else has changed and I will be supporting the community which I represent and, hopefully, will be judged on what I can do for this community.

“My political views are still to represent the political views of the community - that is my only priority. People were good enough to elect me and my duty is to offer them all the support I can.”

Conservative group Leader John Campion said his new colleague had an “excellent track record” and he looked forward to working with her.

“We aim to continue working with all groups on the council for the good of our community,” he added.

Mrs Oborski said: “She has her own reasons. I just think when she realises what she will be expected to support she will not like it.

“She is a good local councillor - she is only interested in supporting her electorate and whether she wants to do that as a Conservative is up to her.”

Mrs Bishop, who was elected in 2010, is also chairman of the Offmore Comberton Action Group.

The political make-up of the district council is now Conservatives, 21, Independent Community and Health Concern, 8, Labour, 8, Liberal, 3, Independent, 2.