In the recent history of video games there have been a handful of games that have changed and shaped the future of gaming forever. These games include Doom, which essentially introduced first person shooters, Grand Theft Auto 3, the game that defined the 3D story world and I propose a new game to this list. The game in question is exclusive to Sony’s digital network PSN and is from American Developer, That Game Company and that game is called Journey.

So what is Journey? Some people have asked, “Is it a game?” or “Is it art?” I think it is something in between the two and in my opinion is a must have experience for all PlayStation 3 owners. This is the third game released by That Game Company following the release of Flow & Flower. Both very beautifully moving games but Journey takes amazing visuals, enchanting music and immaculate game play to new levels.

The game was designed to be played through in one sitting and this sitting should last around three hours, don’t worry if you can’t spare this time as it is still an amazing experience. The game places you in the shoes of a mysterious figure that for some reason is on a Journey across the desert to a Mountain Top that sits in the distance, which you can pretty much see through out most of the game. The game features some of the most visually stunning landscapes, flawless and easy to navigate controls that are fluid and easy to get through, as well as some of the most mesmerizing music that syncs up perfectly with everything you do on your adventure. Luckily for us all this evocative music is also available to download from iTunes! Journey has a unique way of gently pushing the player in the right direction without the game feeling to linear.

Journey includes the most subtle co-op mode ever conceived in a video game and the way it integrates into the game is seamless. In certain parts of the game you will need your co-op partner to help you through certain sections but you never know who this person is? You also don’t know how many times these co-op players change though out the game, which adds to the enchantment. Walking around the desert landscapes are actually really fun, and this other figure following you, or leading you around will become one of your best friends, even with no way to communicate (other than musical chirps by pressing the x button).

The game launched back in March and quickly became Sony’s most successfully game on its download store and is sure to pick up multiple awards as we move into the awards season later this year. It’s available now on the Play Station Network to download and is prices £9.99 - £14.99 depending on whether or not you are a PlayStation Plus member.

The game is an artistic masterpiece which delivers an emotional experience that most people and critics alike have been very positive about. I would go as far to say that if you own a PlayStation 3 and you don’t play Journey you would miss out on one of the best gaming experiences of all time.

Review in association with Duracell Gaming Accessories, which are available from Amazon, and By Luiz Ferreira, White Room Games