MEMBERS of an animal rights group have sent a petition to a Kidderminster home and garden store after a dead bird was seen lying in its safety net.

Pauline Burgess, a member of Animal Aid, said she had been contacted by a customer of B&Q’s Kidderminster store in Green Street, who spotted the bird tangled up in netting which covers the store’s outside gardening section.

A spokesman for B&Q said the DIY company was aware of the incident but had not caused the death.

Mrs Burgess said a petition which asked B&Q to replace the netting with something “harmless” had received 150 signatures.

“We are concerned the birds are being caught in it and left to die,” she said. “We understand nets are needed to stop thieves so it needs to be replaced with something bird friendly.

“I have put B&Q in touch with someone who can give advice on birds and wildlife and have also been in touch with wildlife crime officer PC Julian Ward.”

A B&Q spokesman said: “The netting has been brought to the attention of the RSPCA and they have confirmed it conforms to regulations. It is in good condition and should not present a risk to birds and the vicinity.

“It is believed the bird in question did not get caught up in the netting, therefore did not experience any distress caused by B&Q.

“There is no history of problems with birds being caught in the netting. However, store staff check the netting during the day and will continue to do so. Should any wildlife be caught in the netting it will be quickly reported and any actions advised by the RSPCA will be taken.”