Local Games Developer GrinLock are in the final stages of the development of their soon to be released game, Jumping Jupingo. They’ve now started a crowd funding campaign, hosted on Indiegogo, to raise funds for marketing the game. The funds will be used to create cartoons, posters, animation clips and paper craft designs of the game’s characters for people to share on Facebook, Pinterest and elsewhere.

“We are very excited about this crowd funding campaign,” said Philippe Ingels, CEO of GrinLock. “Not only does this give us the opportunity to get the community involved in funding the campaign, contribute ideas and follow our progress through the development process of the marketing material but they get to be first to share the cartoons, posters and other material we will be developing.”

The crowd funding campaign also offers some awesome rewards for various levels of pledges. This is certainly the first time someone can get a bug dropping named after them, get it placed in a planetarium for bug dung, and feel proud about it. There is also the opportunity to get the game’s artists to create a paper craft model or unique caricature poster of you together with the game’s horde of bugs.

“The uniqueness of this campaign is getting people involved in the marketing and promotion of a game,” Philippe said. “People have always been brilliant marketers through word-of-mouth. We want them to be part of the campaign’s creation process. Not only that, we will share with them the statistics of the campaign so they can see how well we’re doing. They will be an integral part of what we hope will be a huge success story.”

GrinLock is focused on raising $32 000 with the crowd funding campaign. This will allow them to create 20 cartoon strips, five posters, 3 animation clips and a set of paper craft designs of the seven game characters. People will eventually be able to download, print and build the paper craft characters, photograph them in a funny situation and then enter the photo in a competition.

To become part of the campaign please visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/jumpingjupingo