POLICE have warned youngsters on their summer holidays that swimming in a disused Wyre Forest quarry could result in tragedy.

Facebook page Blue Lagoon Stourport was shut down by its owner after concerned parents said it encouraged teenagers to swim in the water at Shavers End Quarry, between Stourport and Great Witley, without realising the dangers.

It is believed sharp objects, such as needles, as well as cars and even dead animals have been dumped in the deep water, which also carries strong currents and can have sudden temperature changes.

The concerns follow reports of a 15-year-old who died after plummeting into a disused quarry in Himley – also known locally as the Blue Lagoon – during his holiday.

West Mercia Police confirmed they run regular patrols of Shavers End Quarry.

Wyre Forest District Inspector Paul Crowley said: “It might be very inviting in warm weather but swimming in unauthorised and unsupervised stretches of river or other open water is fraught with danger and could result in a tragedy.

“It is often impossible to gauge the depths of these waters and the strength of currents. Where water levels are unknown, jumping or diving in can cause serious injury or drowning.

“The sudden change in temperature when entering water can create real problems for swimmers who may suffer a sudden attack of cramp and be unable to stay afloat.

"In addition, hidden obstructions can cause entanglement and sharp debris, which can be anything from pieces of metal to broken glass, may cause a nasty wound, exposing someone to waterborne diseases.

"The banks of rivers and pools can add to the danger when they become slippery, making it difficult for people to get back out of the water.

“Our advice is not to get into the water in the first place.”