Although the outlook for creation of new jobs is the best it has been in years, not all in the UK labour market is rosy. The shortage of candidates with appropriate skills to match the jobs available is a growing problem.

Stirling work has been going on locally to address the situation for the future through the LEP and Worcestershire Business Central who offer free skills support for small businesses across Worcestershire. However this will not solve the skills shortages in our region overnight.

There has been a record decline in availability of permanent candidates and salaries rose strongly in June and July and are likely to continue to increase with demand.

Richard Brown Partner at KPMG commented recently ‘for the first time in months we are witnessing churn in the labour market. It seems that employees are finally beginning to wake up to the opportunities available to them, with rates of growth of both permanent and temporary placement accelerating simultaneously for the first time since the winter. Perhaps it’s true that’ every person has their price’ because the movement in labour is coinciding with another rise in starting salaries. Just a few months ago employers couldn’t tempt staff to switch roles, but indications are that employees caution over change is being replaced with hunger for something new’.

At Hewett, we are advising our clients to take time out with us to review their candidate attraction strategy. Wise employers can see the considerable threat to growth if they are unable to retain and attract the skilled individuals they need. We are seeing good results from those employers who are working closely with us and understand the need for a review and overhaul of their recruitment processes. Unless specifically headhunted for a particular position, employers are facing intense completion for good people, speed and efficiency from interview to offer and swift decision making are paramount together with a large smattering of creativity.

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