I JUST thought I would warn other readers of the eagerness of our parking attendants in Kidderminster.

My wife and I were taking various items to Scope this morning and then visited the British Heart Foundation furniture shop to make arrangements for them to come and pick up some furniture.

We are emigrating to the USA in a week’s time and have taken many items to Scope and other charity shops.

When we left the BHF shop, we found a parking attendant putting a ticket on our car and despite telling him we had been taking items to Scope and making arrangements with BHF he insisted that we had not been loading or unloading in the 10 minutes he had been stood by our car.

The penalty ticket says we were parked in a loading bay without loading. He refused to go and check with the Scope manager and accused me of a public order offence when I called him a ‘jobsworth.’ I have sent a cheque to Wyre Forest District Council with a protest but I expect them to ignore it and cash my cheque.

PETER SUMMERS Kidderminster