I WISH to make some points following Councillor Howard Martin’s letter in last week’s Shuttle.

As he points out he was (when an independent) a huge advocate of the district council centralising its administration staff on one site, and I’m sure his change of mind has nothing to do with harmonising his views with the Labour Group which he has now joined.

The compelling case he recognised originally is even more compelling now. The basic facts are that Wyre Forest House will save approximately £500,000 per year, every year. This money saved is already being used to protect valuable frontline services that would otherwise have to be cut.

Denying the savings figures based on his “fag packet” workings out does not stand up to scrutiny and indeed was dismissed by finance professionals at the time.

Councillor Martin’s constant negative view on the world in Wyre Forest does little to make the lives of our communities better.

I would suggest his energies, and I’m sure considerable talents, are far better used positively contributing to helping to solve our problems rather than just sniping from the sidelines.

JOHN CAMPION Leader Wyre Forest District Council