THE Mark Garnier MP Shuttle wrap-around was descriptive and naturally puts the Conservative Party in a good light.

However, his information refers to trade in the post-Brexit period.

I welcome the efforts of trade unions to get decent pay and conditions and the fall of unemployment in Wyre Forest. But we still have serious issues which need to be resolved.

First, we need more housing, perhaps 2,000 more in the next period of five years, private housing and community association housing.

The Lea Castle site looks to be going forward with perhaps 650 units. But this is below the 1,000 required for the site to become a provider of school places, shops, doctors, pharmacy, recreation and bus services, and not merely a dormitory.

I wanted to see a science park at Lea Castle, with well-paid jobs, and high skills, research and development, computer and technology based.

Housing preference should firstly be to develop on brownfield (previously developed) sites.

I hope to be given space to comment further on the EU exit and its effect on jobs and economic development in Wyre Forest.

We have massive questions to answer also on the NHS, education and the future direction for a progressive Britain. I voted Remain.

Cllr Nigel KnowlesFranche and Habberley North Labour Group Leader WFDC