After a second serious accident in a month involving a pedestrian and a vehicle at the traffic lights in Stourport (at the Bewdley Road junction) in which the victim died in the previous accident and the pedestrian victim today, January 21, was hit by a motorbike, when is there going to be a proper traffic plan for Stourport?

When is Stourport going to be policed and when is there going to be a bypass?

Stourport is a small, pretty Georgian town with mostly narrow, twisty streets which, because it has a bridge over the River Severn, is ruined by far too much traffic which is largely unpoliced.

Extremely large lorries also come through the totally unsuitable roads, mounting pavements on bends, as there are no restrictions.

Vale Road is a three lanes wide, one-way race track. Traffic speeding to those lights is a daily accident waiting to happen and it has happened yet again. Why cannot there be lower speed and lorry size?

Christine Short,