MY son has been looking for work for six months so you can imagine his delight at seeing an advertisement stating that a new company was looking at relocating to one of the empty units at Easter Park, which has sat dormant almost on our doorstep for many years.

He came home today completely despondent having heard Wyre Forest District Council has refused a planning application to vary the times of deliveries to the unit thus making the new business venture highly unlikely.

The proposed new business is a parcel delivery company which was proposing to invest £1million and create 40 local jobs at the warehouse.

Sadly Wyre Forest District Council, which boasts that it supports economic investment and regeneration, has struck two fingers up to the business venture! Being a regular visitor to Kidderminster and watching businesses close and leave the town over many years I can see now what a negative effect this decision will have on local people.

If the owners of the new company want to travel just one mile down the road from Easter Park you enter Wychavon District Council area.

In Wychavon the council fully supports new business ventures especially with the creation of jobs. Wychavon Council Tax and business rates are also far cheaper than in Wyre Forest District Council area.

Wyre Forest District Councillors should be thoroughly ashamed of the damage they are doing to their district. I wonder how their negativity towards new businesses sits with Theresa May and her pro business government?

CJ Partridge Kidderminster