THIS is a growing opinion for many people regarding the new Wyre Forest Glades. It is no coincidence that people have the same views about the big transparent windows on the frontage of the building. Firstly some people attending water fitness classes no doubt would like some sort of privacy from people on the outside, mainly sniggering children outside the roller disco.

The roller disco permits these children to leave as they want and run around with freedom that is unbeknown to their parents. The main concern is that anyone can pull up and watch with a clear view into the swimming pools where a good percentage of the swimmers will be children. With the child protection act making great strides through all sport it’s a crying shame that poorly thought architecture seemingly breaches the safety barrier that is desired. Surely a one-way glass similar to the frontage of the Tesco superstore would be more suitable. Being a leisure centre it wouldn’t be the only one to have had indecent incidents happen in the past and I just thought they would be a bit more sensitive.

Ryan Malpass Kidderminster