WELL said Keith Dickens (opinion April 6), I agree with every word. I was born in Stourport and have lived here most of my life.

On April 1, 1974 (a rather appropriate date) Stourport Urban District Council, Bewdley Borough Council and Kidderminster Rural District Council were amalgamated to form Wyre Forest District Council. This was when the rot set in and Kidderminster and Bewdley have benefited from Stourport (the golden goose) ever since.

Stourport has lost a great deal and gained nothing.

Stourport is facing major problems regarding traffic and infrastructure. I also fear that Stourport will lose the battle of The Snipes, a development which will only benefit Malvern Hills District Council and add to Stourport’s woes.

This will be to appease the proposed plans by Gladman to build on a site in Bewdley. There also plans to build on land off Rectory Lane – unbelievable as the view west from Areley Kings Church is one of the best in the area, what sacrilege!

I have a plan.

A ban on all major residential development in Stourport, especially west of the River Severn, until the traffic and infrastructure problems are dealt with sensibly.

Susan Insall