CLLR Derek Killingworth seems annoyed about travellers settling on a Bewdley car park for a whole 10 Days. I’m sure he will recall Bewdley’s neighbouring town Stourport being residence to travellers for nearly 12 months.

This was I admit a different issue that couldn’t be resolved quickly because of homelessness issues. Cllr Killingworth is investigating the possibility of height barriers to prevent caravans entering car parks. I can assure you Derek that we were forced into these measures, but at a cost of no parking for coaches, motor homes or minibuses. Barriers are a necessary measure but not ideal although Wyre Forest District Council will oblige if contacted by coach companies etc. He also calls for authorities to take speedier action to deal with illegal incursions. I believe Cllr Killingworth has been employed in the legal profession so he should have at least some insight into the legalities involved and the timescale. His comments of lost revenue is another aspect of the problem, so it would have been more fitting for the current Mayor who runs a business in Bewdley to have written his letter.

Ken Henderson,

Mayor of Stourport