I refer to the letter from Susan Insall in the March 16 issue of The Shuttle.

Firstly, as town councillors we were not aware of the meeting due to a technical error in communications between the town council and ourselves.

Had we known we would certainty have been present to express our views and support the general consternation regarding the cabling work in Stourport. The blame for all the disruption lies with the County Council Highways Department for not scheduling the work sensibly, thus allowing a more acceptable traffic flow through the Town.

The comment that we will be ‘crawling out of the woodwork’ when local elections come around, seems very unfair.

We, as Labour councillors, do our utmost to represent the constituents of Stourport and are always available to be contacted on any issues that we can help with. We receive no remuneration for the work we do as town councillors and the writer’s comments seem very unjustified.


Labour Town Councillors