Someone drove a car over my Staffordshire dog without stopping or reporting it, in Sebright Road on Saturday April 8.

If we had known why she was in pain we could have sought help sooner.

Dogs don’t talk. To that person, she died six days later after in agonising pain in spite of hospitalization and pain relief.

A much loved dog, Dottie, was unfortunately adventurous, and over friendly. She did not deserve your callous and criminal behaviour.

Failure to report hitting a dog is a crime and to the idiot who stole my front gate, leading to this, let your crime be on your conscience too. You have left devastated children, a young person with Asperger’s bereft of his friend and a family in mourning. Two criminals, the gate thief and the hit and run driver, I want Justice for Dottie.

If anyone saw either crime please contact the police.

They want to hear from you.

Cynthia Jones