TO Mark Garnier, Although your constituents voted 2:1 for leaving the EU, to maintain that they were well informed perpetuates a falsehood. Many were swayed by the irresponsible Boris bus and fear of foreigners whipped up by the dehumanising UKIP campaign.

Others voted in the belief that they were returning this country to a Golden Age.

Far from it: they have sold our young people short. In the complex world they will inherit we should be sharing responsibility in co-operation with other nations: for looking after the planet, reducing world poverty and eliminating the causes of conflict and terrorism.

Not enough was done to explain the benefits of European social funding to support the Wyre Forest Apprenticeship grant and local businesses, and the refurbishment of St Georges Hall, Bewdley.

Where are the brave people who dare to pronounce the irreversible referendum outcome a disaster? One hopes the Conservatives have miscalculated and that a Centrist party will emerge. It is sorely needed to ensure that Britain’s role in the world is one we can be proud of. Might there be a post for you in such a grouping?

I am disappointed by your turnaround.

Richard Greenwood