IT’S mind-boggling how people can so easily give all the power to make all the decisions affecting their lives to just one government, forfeiting the safety net of checks and balances provided by 27 other EU members.

Mechanisms that meant the freedom to live and work with any of them, laws preventing people having to work excessive hours if they didn’t want to.

Laws that protected our environment, our rights, our food standards, and so much else.

All now put at risk.

The Brexiteers shouldn’t assume that our government is some benign entity that always has everyone’s best interests at heart.

Post Brexit, when they start bringing in policies and laws, intrusions and restrictions, rises in taxes, reductions in benefits etc, people will realise the enormity of their mistake.

They were misinformed and misled by lies paraded large on the side of battle buses. No mention of a fifty billion fee for leaving.

Strange how kindly Granny May waited until after Article 50 before calling an election after all.

Anthony Osbourne Bewdley