WE are concerned at the proposed development for several hundred dwellings between the Birmingham Road/ Baldwin Road/ Hurcott Rd/ Hurcott Lane in Kidderminster.

The nearest doctors is Stanmore House. We often have to wait over a week to see our preferred doctor now, so what happens when they have hundreds more patients?

Our hospitals aren’t coping. A few weeks ago, at Worcestershire Hospital the ambulances were backing up and corridors were full of patients. So what happens when we increase their load?

Schools? The nearest Primary School and High School would be Offmore and King Charles. Have they the room to take this extra influx? If not, where will they go or will a new school/s have to be built? It was only 10 years ago that we were told there was insufficient numbers of children to maintain all the schools, so middle schools were closed!

Traffic is bad enough now getting into Kidderminster at rush hour. The delays at Chester Road/ Land Oak are mentioned on the local radio station most mornings. During the school holidays, the Birmingham Rd / Stourbridge Rd/ Coventry St/ Horsefair/ Ring Rd, can be bumper to bumper with traffic trying to get to the safari park. It is a nightmare trying to get out from our homes. How is it going to cope with all this extra volume of traffic?

There is hardly any employment in Kidderminster, closures or redundancies being mentioned in the local newspaper every week which will mean more commuters travelling from this development to their workplaces.

There are certainly brownfield sites that can be used first, ie. the old Sladen School site and sports fields, before needing to use green belt.

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