ONCE again the Areley Kings/Astley Cross area is under threat with another housing development proposal, this time via Bromford Housing for the same site as Bovis Homes did a few years ago. As per the Bovis and the more recent Cadman Housing applications, the same issues remain. Despite Bromford claiming they will put in sustainable drainage to this plot, our local road network, particularly the bridges over the Severn at Bewdley and Stourport will not cope, causing more pollution in the process, and our schools and healthcare infrastructures will be put under extra undue pressures. All this with residents of proposed housing paying council taxes to Malvern Hills District rather than WFDC.

There are still brown sites that can can be made use of, despite what councillors would have you believe, notably the ex MIP site on Bewdley road, and as I previously suggested the Squirrel pub(unfortunately still owned by Tesco) . The ref is (13/01405/OUT) for residents to air their views.

Martin Clapton